Hi Retta,My friend Leah rides a 3 wheel bike and many times takes the bird on her shoulder.A gust of wind took her up into a tree,apparently wings needed a clipping,so…..she lost track of her and we searched and searched the area all day Friday (a few doors down from my house)…Leah put a bird cage at the home where the tree was which happened to be an unoccupied foreclosure.We also told alot of people.This afternoon she checked the cage and there was a note with a phone #…The bird had landed on a neighbor’s window sill (in that area) and gave her to a vet tech on the street who fed her and clipped her wings.So they are back together…..I had made up posters Friday but Leah didn’t want to put them up and then I told her this morning let’s get these posters up! I got your e-mail and called her again,forwarded it to her.I just had a feeling the bird didn’t go too far.I think Leah had probably gone to the cage to retrieve it and there was the note,because I’m quite sure she had given up on finding her…So that’s the story…Thank you again! Kate


Lost pet Senegal Parrot in Largo 106th Ave. and Seminole Blvd….Bird DOES NOT FLY WELL as it’s wings are clipped but can fly a little…Not terribly friendly with strangers but loves her disabled owner.Parrot is GREEN with YELLOW BELLY and GREY HEAD… PLEASE contact me of you find her 727-xxx-xxxx (Kate) OR 727 xxx-xxxx (Leah) Thank you!

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