**Match made by 911PA Volunteer. This lost Amazon was indeed “FOUND: HI, Maui (Huelo), Medium Parrot (grn), Oct 08.11”. Here’s the email from Hulu’s owner:

Thank you Karen. I received a call from the people with Hulu. I was so happy to know she is fine and happy. Thank you for your concern and email. Parrots are wonderful beings and need to be cherished. Thanks for doing such a good service. Penny

lost parrot (huelo), Lost double head yellow amazon parrot–green body with yellow head–in September in Huelo area. Great talker. You would hear him before you saw him. Much missed. Reward. Please call with any information 572-xxxx

Emailed this listing to owner:
FOUND: HI, Maui (Huelo), Medium Parrot (grn), Oct 08.11

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