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Hello Ken here, Back in Jan of this year , Casper My umbrella Cockatoo was stolen from the Gibraltar Trade Center in Taylor,Mi and thanks for all the Support and prayer I ve found him in a Building in ohio wrapped in a small cage with chicken wire, Thank you again, The Person also had a serve Macaw also, I think there could be a stolen ring on Consumer Pets , This could be Big, I am happy to Get my Bird back, It cost a little over 500.00 but he is home, Come see him Today, Again Thank you Everybody GREAT NEWS CASPER IS HOME. WE GOT HIM 734 657 2058 P.S. One more thing when found his tag was removed, But guess what he knew his Name He said I am Casper Pretty Bird I am casper, that was so cool it brings Tears to your Eyes we have found him. , One more thing Birds have Brains of small Children.


Hello it is True I ve been at the Taylor Gibraltar Trade Center in Taylor, Mi. for almost 3 Years I have a Exotic Bird Store , and on 01/07/2012 Somebody came in opened the cage and when know body was looking they Stolen one of my Best Birds I ever owned, It was a Male Umbrella Cockatoo , His name is CASPER AND IF HE IS STILL OUT THERE HE DOES KNOW HIS NAME PLUS HE HAS A BLUEISH GREEN BAND ON HIS LEG WITH THE LETTERS AZ, SOME BODY KNOWS SOMETHING OUT THERE I NEED EVERYS BODY HELP IN THIS THIS COULD BE A RING OUT THERE DOING THIS WE NEED TO STOP THIS , THIS IS HARD WHEN PEOPLE DO THIS TO YOU PLEASE HELP KEN 734 657 2058 ( REWARD )

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