• Species: Pionus - Maximilians (See species list for details)
  • Location: Rockville, Maryland, United States 20851
  • Date Lost: March 23, 2012
  • Banded: Yes
  • Microchipped: No

Coral-orange under-tail feathers still growing out. Abaca refuses to eat fruit and veg so her coat is a bit dusty- more of a grey-blue on her neck than a clear blue. She’s been losing feathers lately- pinching them out. Apparently her ‘shoulder sitting’ behaviour may bring on early maturation so she may be mate-seeking. We aren’t sure of her gender. She is ringed and registered by a pet store in Rockville. I’ll post the ID as soon as I have it. She is very bonded to the small black&white ‘Jp chin’ dog. Makes cat and dog sounds.

Abaca is an affectionate, gentle Amazonian Pionus Maximillian Parrot – emerald green with grey-blue around neck & shoulders; emerald green wings and coral-orange wing-tip & tail feathers (tail growing) back!). She has a regal black beak and her eyes are rimmed with white rings. Abaca is very intelligent, shy, yet curious but easily frightened so watch the beak! To catch her throw a light towel over her head and keep her in darkness to keep her calm. She IS skittish, and will use her beak and claws to protect herself. She likes peanuts in their shells, & every kind of nut. And she does prefer Spring water! She is 3, 5 yrs old, and still learning about stuff – we are so worried about her! She may be looking to nest, despite her age. Abaca is new to flying and may well prefer to walk & climb so please do help me find her by checking yr long grass, your shrubs & flower beds & trellissing. She is likely to approach your dogs, as she adores our long-haired black& whiteJapanese Chin, and his food and will have breakfast with him.

It was a dog bark that startled her into flying off last Friday, and just as she was coming back to the black & white chin and I the new dog next door barked again- and that was it! Over the roof & across the road into the neighbour’s trees. I lost her there. She is an excellent conversationalist – she speaks both cat & dog , does human whistling, and muttering and an occasional grumpy-raucous ‘hello”; she does at times sound like an alarm clock or other e-gadget. She chirps quietly to herself in the mornings. She can imitate alarm clocks too. Please DO investigate strange noises – it may be Abaca and not an alley cat! [or young dog barking]. Last seen in Rockville area on 23 March. Last Seen in trees at the back of house across from ours- 1404 Bernerd Place, Rockville, MD, 20851 in Rockville. She is ringed.

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