BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: African gray (band number on file with 911PA)

Buford flew off in May 2011. He is an African Gray parrot.
He is a little standoffish. He loves to say his name. He
will like to sit on your lap once he know you. I would love
to have him back, but if you have him and love him and want
to keep him, then please just let me know that he is happy
and healthy and loved. Thank you, laura


I, Grant Lankford of Waco Texas, have lost a dear friend and family member. His name is Buford. He is a 4 year old African Gray. He was out with me on our back porch when he broke his tether, and flew away. This happened on May 29, 2011. Buford is a cautious bird, but he is friendly and knows his name. If he sees you, he will ask “what ya dion?”and if you say his name he will repeat it to you. Buford also makes a double beeb sound, very similar to that of a home security system when a door opens. When Buford want attention, or is wanting to be noticed, he is very vocal. If anyone finds this loving fried of mine, please, please contact me.

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