Lost Miko, my Sun Conure, and a Green Quaker as well as a Blue Quaker. I believe the Green Quaker was banded, but I hadnt recorded the numbers yet. They were rescues from a pet store that closed and then abandoned them. I have their mates, who are missing them.


My recently adopted bird Miko (Meeko), a Sun Conure (bright orange and yellow, robin-sized bird) became startled and flew off my shoulder on Sunday morning as I was putting my birds out for some fresh air and sunshine. We saw him as late as 1 PM Monday, in the trees behind our house, but we haven’t seen him since. I walked the neighborhood, the apartments, the south end of Division but nothing…..He’s afraid to fly down; apparently his experience is flying up so far.

If anyone sees him, please contact us and maybe entice him with some food to get him to come down; apple, bird seed, etc…Our number is 360-829-2207. We live on Mountain View Avenue in Buckley, but Miko could be anywhere in Buckley by now. He’s not used to flying long distances, and from what I saw of his talent this morning, just crossing the street from one tree to the tree behind our house, was very tiring so he is likely close by.

Please keep an ear and an eye out for him and contact us right away if you see or hear him. If we don’t answer, please leave a message.

Thank you so much for your help: -)

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