Tareneit boy upset at no more tweeters

THE theft of a beloved pet bird has upset more than its young owner. A cat has also lost its sleeping companion.

The cockatiel, named Fabio Greg, was snatched from its cage during a house burglary at Tarneit last week. It was a feathered friend to Curtis, 11. The boy’s father, David Idda, said his son was “extremely upset”. He said the bird would also be missed by his cat, Mr Daicos, which regularly curled up with the bird. “He’s tame and very friendly. He even used to sleep with the cat,” Mr Idda said.

“I don’t understand why they would take it. They would have known he was a pet.”

The break-in happened while Mr Idda was at work. A Nintendo Wii, PlayStation games and alcohol were also stolen. Mr Idda said the bird loved perching on people’s fingers and would not have been hard to handle. He said the bird could have been carried away in a green shopping bag. The bag’s contents were emptied inside the house.

Mr Idda was given the bird this year. It takes part of its name, Fabio, from a winner of American reality TV game show Survivor.

The burglary at St James Wood Drive happened on Tuesday, May 17, between 8.45am and 5.30pm. The grey and white bird with orange cheeks and yellow crest was in a large cage in the lounge room.

Police are investigating. Anyone with information on the burglary or who has seen the missing bird should phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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