• Species: Bird (See species list for details)
  • Location: Houston, Texas, United States 77001
  • Date Lost: May 21, 2011
  • Banded: Don't Know
  • Microchipped: Don't Know
  • Phone Number: 832.549.3014, 713.384.3714

The people who stole the birds have been found. They were turned in by family members. Unfortunately, they sold the birds at the flea market. We’re hoping all the birds went to loving homes.
More information on the coloration of the stolen birds (which have not been recovered as of this writing): the cockatiels are whitefaces (no orange cheekpatch); two albino (all white) parakeets and two blue parakeets; brown and white society finches.
Tula Bird Rescue (Houston, TX) thefts:
stolen: ‎4 cockatiels that we rescue from the breeder and 7 (4 parakeets and 3 society finches) and the last 108 dollars we had on donations, we were going to use the money to take a injured cockatiel to the Bingle Veterinary Clinic and now we have no way on taking him, we are trying to get donations asap.

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