On November 30th, 2021 at around 9:01 am EST that morning, our wonderful and very friendly Grey African Parrot flew away, we had him outside on the ground and walked back inside to get something and after 15 seconds, we heard a flying swooshing noise and he flew away from our house. We have camera motions and we were unable to find where he flew, we thought he flew around our house but that was not the case, and we determined he flew far since his wings hasn’t been clipped for about 4 months, it’s been 4 months since we clipped it and we have been busy with stuff but we always keep him safe and pay attention. We are sad he flew away and we are so worried somebody could have taken him or him being in the wild unable to survive. We hope he is still out there, with somebody healthy, we loved him and we had him as a baby for 5 years in 2017 and our family has broken hearts and so sad we lost him. He was a valuable member of our family and we just hope somebody out there sees this and shares any information and find our bird. We will have a reward if anybody finds it so please try to share any information, we love it so much that it’s hard to forget, we have broken hearts. We want him back to our family. We are just sad we might not see him anymore, or on the holidays. It has been hard for us to get through, and we never give up finding him. We hope somebody shares this information and somebody out there will find it and inform us. Please share any information if you spot it, and try to have it with you, it is very friendly and when you call Bubert, Bubert the Bird, or whistle to him, he will listen and come down to any person, he also is a good self defender so if anybody has him, Bubert (he) could bite them so don’t try to have it harmed it doesn’t like people harming it and it can tell goodly if anybody does it. Bubert is a 5-year-old Parrot and it’s a Grey African Parrot with a red tail, it usually says Bubert the Bird, Bubert, and other names and speaks a different language we speak to it. Thank you so much for reading and I hope there is a miracle somebody finds it. I tried everything but he hasn’t come back. I am worried and very sad about his loss.

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