Moustached Parakeets look very similar to their cousins, the Derbyan Parakeets. The most obvious differences are the sizes. Like the Derbyan Parakeet, the Mustache Parakeet is sexually dimorphic. This simply means the males and females can be identified by how they look. The males have a bright colored beak tipped in yellow and the females have a black beak.
These parrots have green bodies showcasing many shades of green. Their most obvious trait is their salmon-colored chest. The male’s chest usually tends to be a brighter colored pink than the females; nonetheless, she is just as stunning as her mate. Under their beaks and extended along the jaw line, a black bib can be seen. Both sexes have a grayish blue cap, and like most Asiatic parrots a black line extends from the nostrils to the eyes. The wings have yellow patches intermixed with lime green.

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