Congo’s Nest,life with as mascot parrot with the Louisiana Kids,




background music is New Orleans Jazz

Easter Sunday,April 20th 2003
Chipley Street Avian Maternity Ward

expectant mothers were


Then Mr.Mike and Miss Gena suddenly heard


Looking down they saw…

the most



in whole the world.


In August I came to live with

my human pet NEIL,

and MOM, in Baton Rouge.

I was named

CoNGo Lil

I also live with 2 cats, 3 other birds and a dog.

Katie tried to befriend me and

I wanted to be nice ….

I knew she liked

and I bit her tail ! ! !

SURPRISED KATIE that wasn’t nice …..

Now, we are one big happy family.

I am a Congo African Gray (CAG) Parrot.

I can live to be 70-75 years old.

I am 390gms, about 14 ounces.

“not good for plucking or eating”

I am

and should start talking around one.

“Don’t use naughty words around me”

I may tell your mom or dad,

then you will be in

A LOT of trouble.

My ancestors came from Equatorial Africa.

I wonder if this makes me African-American?

“Do I bite?”

Ask the cat #@%*!!!

On weekends I love going to the


MIKE and Gena
Mr MIKE and Miss GENA
are there,
and I get to

hang out with the kids.

I enjoy the old folks,

they always talk about my


Sometimes RICHARD
lets me

hang with him when introducing the kids.

He looks really sharp.

I had outfits made to
look as good as he does.

Maybe he should have
an outfit made to
look like me.

“whatcha think Richard,”


good idea or what?

When I get MARK
to teach me

all his dance moves….

“What the BIRD I’ll Be !!!!”

how do you like me now
CONGO..what the bird I am


can do a

Duet in BRANSON.













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