Found – a pet tropical bird Sunday evening, 7/10, in our back yard near 88th Ave, between Lowell and Sheridan.
It is larger than a parakeet, but smaller than an African Grey. It is very people friendly, obviously a beloved pet.
Please describe to identify.


Emailed finder these listings…

  • LOST: CO, Lakewood, White Faced Cockatiel, June 29.11 E
  • LOST: CO, Littleton. Cockatiel (gry). July 10, 2011
  • LOST: CO, Longmont, Cockatiel ‘Spike’ (banded), July 07. 11
  • LOST: CO, Denver, Cockatiel (ylw, banded). June 30, 2011
  • LOST: CO. Denver. Zebra Finches (5). June 27, 2011
  • CAPTURED! SIGHTED: CO, Aurora, Parakeet (grn), June 28, 2011
  • LOST: CO, Louisville, Cockatiel (m, cinnamon). June 22, 2011
  • LOST: CO, Lakewood/Bear Creek, Cockatoo (wht) ‘Lucy’ June 20, 2011
  • Still LOST: CO, Lakewood, White Faced Cockatiel ‘Pretty Bird’, June 19.11
  • UPDATE: LOST: CO, Denver, Scarlet Chested Parakeet ‘Oliver’, Jun 13,11
  • LOST: CO, Westminster, Sun Conure. June 11, 2011
  • LOST: CO, Broomfield, Green Cheek Conure. June.08.11
  • LOST: CO, Denver, Parakeet (blu), Jun.05.11
  • LOST: CO, Golden, Sun Conure ‘Sunny’ (banded), June 03. 11
  • LOST: CO, Golden, Lovebird. Jun.03.11
  • Still LOST: CO, Golden, Sun Conure ‘Sunny’, Jun 03.11
  • LOST: CO, Littleton, Quaker Parrot, May 31.11
  • LOST: CO, Lafayette/Boulder, Geese (2) ‘Millie’ and ‘Hank’ May.19.11
  • LOST: CO, Tiny Town, Rooster ‘Sassy’ May.16.11
  • LOST: CO, Denver, Cockatiel ‘Blake’, May 10.11
  • STILL LOST: CO, Golden, Cockatiel ‘Freedom’, May 07.11
  • STILL LOST: CO, Tiny Town, Silkie Chicken (wht)”Snowy”. May.04.11
  • LOST: CO, Indian Hills, Cockatiel (gry). Apr.28.11
  • Pic, More info LOST: CO, Westminster, White Face Cockatiel ‘Argus’ (banded), Mar 31.11
  • Still LOST: CO, Lakewood, Cockatiel ‘Sweet Boy’ (banded-wht/gry), Mar.27.11
  • LOST: CO, Denver, Cockatiel (gray), Mar.15.11
  • LOST: CO, Boulder, White Capped Pionus ‘Luna’, Feb.17.11
  • LOST: CO, Denver/Aurora, Black Capped Conure (banded), Jan 21.11


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