A small hookbill flew to my friend yesterday and we’re hoping to find the owner. It’s not a sun conure or cockatiel though . If you are missing a small hookbill please send me a photo of your missing pet. I will know whos it is by a photo. Also describe any characteristics/conditions about this bird. I’m guessing he was handtame at one time but leary now and has just come in for food. Most likely has been traveling for awhile. He/She is being cared for well right now but, I’m sure someone out there is missing him/her. I am also missing a lovebird right now so, I know it’s very import to report these family members. If I find it isn’t your bird…don’t give up hope and keep watching C.L. ! ALSO 911Parrotalert is another great search place. I reunited a bird with the owner on C.L. that had been missing for a year !!! Thank You Oahu Ohana Bird Lovers!

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