• Species: Cockatoo - Rose Breasted, Galah (See species list for details)
  • Location: Melrose, Florida, United States 32666
  • Date Found: March 28, 2012
  • Banded: Yes

the bird wasn’t listed as lost on the website, the owner found my listing on local craigslist through a friend who saw it. She hadn’t put out ads for the bird as she is not a computer user. The cockatoo had flown about 3/4 mile from tree to tree. It was attracted by our wild bird feeders where tons of noisy birds are always making a racket, landed on the roof and we coaxed it down with a carrot. It took 2 weeks for the owner to surface, she thought him long gone. She had hired someone to birdsit and they let it out accidentally- she has 4 others in a large screen porch apparently. She was very excited to get him back and has offered to pay for his vet bill and other things we bought for him during his wonderful stay with us!
Thank you for what you do for our bird friends- we are grateful that you try to reunite birds and parronts- I would be devastated to lose a bird like Julio (the rose breasted cockatoo) who was a delight to have around! I told the owner to check your site if it ever, God forbid, happened again! She never thought to check online, she only searched the neighborhood and asked neighbors and then was at a standstill, because he was flighted and so could have flown anywhere. She now knows how vast the online search is for reuniting “flocks”.


Hi, I found a cockatoo and placed an ad here, how do I change the ‘lost’ to reunited? I have received messages from people about the bird, which I believe to be fraudulent, I’d like to change the status. thanks


Very healthy, friendly bird, we need to find the owner!

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