Flap over, Rita’s back at her Cranbourne owner’s house
Cranbourne’s Rebecca Joseph is delighted to get her pet parrot Rita back safe and sound.

Pet parrot Rita has been found and reunited with her overjoyed Cranbourne West owner.

The Leader last week reported Rebecca Joseph’s dismay when her seven-year-old Sun Conure parrot disappeared from her home on May 29.

Ms Joseph said she had almost given up hope of Rita’s safe return on hearing a knock at the door.

“I was just overwhelmed when I saw her. I couldn’t believe it,” she said.

Rita immediately settled into being back home as she ate her favourite treat of bread and jam, and then went into her bed. She had flown on to the shoulder of a Cranbourne resident who was hanging out her washing in the backyard, who returned her to Ms Joseph.

“It’s fantastic to have her back,” Ms Joseph said. “The house was so empty without her.

“It’s proof of the good, caring, honest people that are in our community.”

Ms Joseph said many readers had contacted her and offered help in finding the lost bird.

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