• Species: Conure - Jenday (See species list for details)
  • Location: CHULA VISTA, California, United States 91910
  • Date Lost: August 13, 2011
  • Banded: Yes
  • Microchipped: No

My instinct told me to look for my jenday in the nearby trees. I was able to find him in a tree among the many trees in the park close to my house, I called his name until I saw him. He stayed on one tree for a long time. The people in the park helped me throw tennis and golf balls. This action only scared my jenday conure and flew away in a circle and landed on a palm tree across the road. No amount of throwing tennis balls motivated Pancho to fly back to me. Tired and frustrated I called it a day. I knew birds are afraid to fly at night. Morning came and he was still there. Around mid day he flew to a palm tree two houses further. I put out a chair in my neighbor’s front yard where I sat and waited. After a while I was startled by bird cries. When I looked up Pancho was not where I last saw him. I looked around. I saw a hawk chasing Pancho. My heart raced with terror, I frantically picked up my slipper threw it upwards, jumped, screamed and wailed in the hope of scaring the hawk. I thought that was the end for my parrot. Thoughts of losing him played in my head. Pancho did acrobatic stunts and cried for dear life while evading a predator twice as big. Pancho flew further away zigzagged 3 or 4 times. The hawk was close on his tail. Alas the chase stopped abruptly not because of my jenday flier’s bloody ending. The hawk ended his chase maybe because of my terrified screams. The chase was momentary, but the fear in me lingered. I followed the direction where Pancho flewand feared the unknown. I called out his name several times until I heared him. I went to a neighbor and asked for help. We went to where I heard Pancho. The tree’s foliage was thick. An hour passed and no sight of Pancho. I walked away from Pancho toward the direction of my house several times. On the 4th time when my back was turned, he flew down to a smaller tree closer to me. My neighbor pointed him out. I fetched a ladder, a bowl of sunflower seeds and a spray millet. I used the ladder to get closer to his perch. He flew down to my arm and walked to the bowl of sunflower seeds in my hand. Finally I was reunited with my Pancho, my jenday parrot after 2days and 1 night. Wow!

He opened his cage and flew to the tree. I called his name and he squawked. Before nightfall he was on top of a tree in front of neighbor’s. I hoping he will fly down to my shoulder tomorrow morning.

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