**Match made by 911PA volunteer. Jinx turned out to be this found bird “FOUND: CA, Oak View (Ventura), Parrot, Jul 18.11”. Owner was quickly in touch with the finder and was informed her bird had been taken to the local shelter. She retrieved him that same day.**

Email from owner: “He looks great. We clipped his wings shorter and put him back with is friend. They both seem quite happy. Thanks for helping me connect with him!”

LOST SENEGAL PARROT! (Oak View),Lost this morning: male Senegal parrot. Grey head, green body with yellow. Very timid and probably scared, but friendly. Does not like men, but will probably go to a woman. Will step up on your hand and probably jump on your shoulder. His name is Jinx. His family and birdie friend is very worried about him. Please contact us if you know where he is. He got spooked and flew from Grapevine Road, off Burnham. May be anywhere in the Oak View/Lake Casitas area. Thanks for your help.

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