To all the Kijiji Readers and Helpers

It is with a heart full of gratitude that I would like to say thank you for spreading the word and making it will known that our Jewel was out and about off of Parkland Drive and Langbrae in Clayton Park. So many came out to look for him, spotted him and kept an eye on him until he could be caught. To everyone I say thank you thank you thank you. You have shown a great community spirit and caring.
Thank you to those who emailed and called with suggestions and concerns and prayers, you know who you are, again many thanks from all of us at Jewels house.


Hi Folks
We had company last night and they left the front door open and our 15 year old Jewel ……..grey with yellow head Cockatel flew out the door and over belchers pond. His mate misses him terribly and we had no success in finding him. If anyone locates him please call us at 423-1600
Thank you for looking while your out in the area
His mate Precious


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