• Species: Conure - Green Cheek (See species list for details)
  • Location: Chestnut, East Austin, Texas, United States
  • Streets: 17th and Alamo street
  • Date Lost: February 3, 2020
  • Phone Number: (608) 333-1311
LOST – GREEN CHEEK CONURE, 2/3/20, ‘Pio’, 16th, 17th & Alamo St, CHESTNUST, EAST AUSTIN, TX
Flyaway Bird (Chestnut)
16th near Alamo
My green cheek conure flew away today – at the intersection of 17th and Alamo street in East Austin. He is flighted and it’s windy today so he could end up far but is probably still on the east side. His name is Pio – if he flies on you please take him inside and call me! Very people friendly/socialized bird. Might be frightened! Thank you in advance!
call or text:
(608) 333-1311

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