• Species: Lineolated Parakeet (See species list for details)
  • Location: Summit, Illinois, United States 60501
  • Date Lost: September 11, 2011
  • Banded: Yes
  • Microchipped: No

Thank you, Loretta! And thank you and all the others for the service you provide. Iri’s home because of your website and a wonderful lady and her family. Thanks for updating my post.

In all of life’s joys and trials, we can either choose
to be thankful for our blessings or curse God for our misfortune.
Choose joy
Iri’s home! Just what seemed like moments after I posted on 911ParrotAlert at Windy City Parrot’s recommendation and then Windy City posted my post on their Facebook page, I received an e-mail via 911ParrotAlert. A lady just blocks away from my home had found Iri Monday, one day after he went missing. She was told that 911ParrotAlert was the best place to watch for a missing parrot post and it surely was. She took excellent care of him! To me this is a miracle. God bless all of you who prayed and hoped with me for his return, especially Windy City Parrot for their excellent advice and 911ParrotAlert for being here and doing what they so so well. I’m overjoyed as you might guess. 🙂


Iri is a lineolated parakeet. He is not a regular parakeet. He eats and needs special cooked food to survive. There are foods that can cause his death if he eats them. He has a purple metal band on one leg with a number on it. When comfortable, Iri talks and even laughs. He says “Hello, baby,” “Good boy, Iri”, “I love you,” and other phrases. He loves apples and papaya and cooked corn. We have had him for six years and miss him very much. Thank you!

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