• Species: Cockatiel - Pied (See species list for details)
  • Location: Charlotte (Oakdale), North Carolina, United States 28216
  • Streets: Peachtree Hills
  • Date Lost: April 6, 2011
  • Phone Number: 704-394-8306

Due to a series of unfortunate events our cockatiel Roger got out of his cage. Sadly it was the day of the serious wind storm. We found Roger in a tree across the street from us about 200 feet in the air. We had no way to get to him and tried everything for about 6 hours, until dark. We were unable to recover him before the serious thunderstorms rolled in. I believe, had it not been for the wind and the storm, he would’ve returned home. But he was not able to fly in the wind like wild birds can. We are really hoping that the storm simply just blew him too far from us to hear or find. He was responding to whistles and the sounds of his mate. He’s a mostly yellow bird on the body and head with grey wings and orange cheeks. I have attached a picture that is very similar to what he looks like. Experts say he will try to make human contact. He has been our bird for 10 years and my husband is devastated at the loss. He was last seen in the Peachtree Hills area near Oakdale. Please get the word out to your neighbors and friends. If you see or hear him near your home please call us ASAP

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