“UPPER WEST SIDE — If this bird could talk, he’d have a harrowing tale to tell.

Unfortunately, all Josie the cockatiel can say is “pretty bird,” so the mystery of how he survived the perils of city streets while Hurricane Irene raged around him will remain unsolved.

“Where Josie was during the hurricane, only Josie knows,” said the bird’s owner, Jim DiGiovanni.

DiGiovanni beamed Wednesday as he recounted the story of how the bird he calls “the love of his life” was lost, presumed dead, then found barely alive several days later under a Central Park bench.

After four days of emergency vet care, Josie was recuperating on Tuesday in DiGiovanni’s 11th floor apartment on West 81st Street and Columbus Avenue.

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Birds escaped from transport cage on way to vet.
1:30 pm on Friday August 26. Email or phone(212) xxx-xxxx

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From 911PA Facebook page:

Lisa Joosten Bono
LOST: 2 Cockatiels in NYC.(8-26-11) Evacuee from Hurricane Irene was taking her birds to family in NYC from the Jersey shore and the birds got loose. 1 Lutino(cliffy) 1 grey(M- Josey)last seen near 81st st and central park W please contact The Platinum Parrot with any information 609-698-0001

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