• Species: African Grey - Congo (See species list for details)
  • Location: McLean, Virginia, United States 22102
  • Streets: Georgetown Pike
  • Date Lost: June 13, 2006
  • Banded: Yes
  • Microchipped: No

STILL LOST JULY 7-14..owner still hoping someone found Owen and will see the LOST message. My husband and I have been searching for Owen, our Congo African Grey since June 13, 2006. Owen is banded on his right leg with a silver-colored band bearing the inscription “FL” and “ABR00” which is then followed by a three-digit number, which I will be happy to give you if you think you may have found him. When he is at home, Owen is adventurous (!!!), but is definitely a “mama’s boy.” It took him two years (we got him when he was 2 months old) to learn to tolerate and then love my husband, Doug. Owen and I were inseparable until he flew away from Doug and out the kitchen door. Poor Doug and poor Owen. We will never stop searching. Owen is fully flighted and could be almost anywhere by now. He whistles show tunes and speaks quite well. He says “hello” in several voices, depending on whether he is answering the phone, welcoming you at the door, calling from upstairs; says “bye” and blows a kiss whenever anyone leaves, says “see you tonight” or “I’ll be back soon,” when he knows you are getting ready to go out. Calls me “Sara,” “Peep” or “Peeper,” calls our three dogs by name (Tiggers, Kiwi and Nandi), calls my husband by name (Doug) and loves to laugh in my voice. He says, “Wanna hop up” when he wants to come out of his cage. He loves to jump into large salads and shred the leaves. His favorite foods are blueberries, pasta, hazelnuts and edamame. Please let us know if you think you have found Owen. A substantial reward is being offered. 911PA Note: The original post for Owen was showed Jun. 12. 06

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