We normally keep her on our back covered patio while we’re at work (weather permitting) so she can get fresh air and listen to other birds. This particular Friday, our two dogs were playing and accidentally knocked her cage over. When we got home from work, we saw what had happened.
We put her cage on our pool deck with the door open in case she was close enough to see it. For days, we walked the neighborhood, whistling and ringing her toy bell. We also encouraged our dogs to bark and play because she’s lived with them for 5 years so we were confident she’d recognize their “voices”.
The weekend came and went. Nothing. Monday and Tuesday came and went. Still nothing. We’d hung about 50 fliers but hadn’t received a single call. Tuesday night, we decided to call off the search.
I was feeding the dogs Wednesday morning and to my surprise, there she was chirping in the distance. The search was back on! She responded to every noise we made that day, but never seemed to get any closer. It was frustrating but we were optimistic since at least we knew she was out there.
When we got home from work on Thursday, she was sitting in her cage waiting for us! She was very exhausted and had a little diarrhea, but in a couple days she was back to her old self again.
The only major change we’ve seen in her is that she’s more mobile. When her cage door opens, she immediately comes out and flies to someone in the room. She’s also a little more needy when it comes to human contact.
And they all lived happily ever after!


My bird flew back home. How do I remove my post?
Our cockatiel got outside this morning in the Lynbrook Landing area near the Bayside schools.
I’ve had her since she was a baby and really want to get her back. She came from a private breeder and does not have a band.


Please call 757-xxx-xxxx or email me if you’ve seen her.

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