• Species: Lory - Rainbow (See species list for details)
  • Location: Springfield, , United States 01118
  • Date Lost: July 22, 2020
  • Banded: Yes
  • Microchipped: No


Rory is a black irridescent melanistic Stella’s Lorikeet. She moves with quick movements like a wild bird and chirps like a wild bird as well. She is not hand tame, but if she knows and likes you, she will do a fly by over your head and answer when you call. Skittles is a male Rainbow Lorikeet, He came from a large seizure in a hoarding situation and had a liver condition, which has mostly resolved with healthy diet and exercise, however, he does tend to keep his flights short and occasionally crashes or lands on the ground. If this happens, he will step up for me, but I don’t know if he will do so for anyone else. He may gently murmur, lower his head and flutter his wings to beg, or he may call in a loud screech for Rory or a known person. He also says “hello”, but it is in a very low muttering voice that may be hard to distinguish. Most of these behaviors are unlikely if they are scared, but might as well mention them. They subsist on a diet entirely of nectar and fruit and cannot eat seeds, but may take a very small fruit pellet specially made for lorikeets. The priority is spotting them and letting me know immediately, so I can bring food immediately. I will bring their cage, which is very large, if you are willing, because it is familiar to them, and they may go back inside before they would come to anyone, including me, if scared.

Rory and Skittles were out for flight time last night. My boyfriend did go out to smoke a few times, but he did not hear them fly out, and their wings are loud, They may be trapped somewhere inside. However, we have hawks and owls. So, if sighted, please contact me and animal control immediately – me so I can bring food and cage and animal control for help trapping as a last resort if they are gone more than two days, because their diet is so limited. My name is Erin. You can also contact Rhode Island Parrot Rescue for help, I adopted from them and they know both birds as well.

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