• Species: Cockatiel (See species list for details)
  • Location: Muttontown, New York, United States
  • Date Lost: July 2, 2010
  • Contact Person: Richard, Donna, Jonathan & Corey

**911 note: Thanks to the finder and all 911 volunteers and group members who helped with this wonderful reunion. Stacey, thank you for giving me additional information that clarified the date. A search of the 911 database brought up a cockatiel lost around the same time and within a mile or so from where this bird was found. It was wonderful to see the 911 database of listings that never expire assist in finding the owner … Karen**

Email from owner of “Polly” [LOST: NY, Muttontown, Cockatiel ‘Polly’ (gry/wht) Jul.02.10]

Yes indeed this is a miracle…my family is still in a belated shock!  I cannot begin to express the gratitude for Marina and Dan, and all others involved!!
Its refreshing that there are people and organizations like this that “really care” to do the right thing…and do out of their way to to do so!
Please lets stay in contact and thanks again on behalf of my entire family!!!!!

Richard, Donna, Jonathan & Corey


Email from finder:

Carla, Karen, Stacey and Carin – I wanted to write an email to inform you that Polly, who was reported lost last summer, had been reunited with her family this past Saturday after almost 8 months of being thought lost!

Polly (renamed Chase while residing with us) flew to me sitting outside of Chase (hence the name) branch in last August of last year. Being unaware of the 911parrotalert website, i thought my ways of reporting her found were limited to searching pole signs. At the time I saw none – and being 37 wks pregnant and having just bought a house, needless to say our lives were hectic – and we kept Chase and gave him a loving home.

Only this past week I came across the Craigs List Lost and Found section and subsequently the 911parrotalert website.I suddenly felt I had not done enough at the time we found Chase to try to find his owners and I posted a “FOUND cockatiel” lisiting. Less than 48 hours later, I was in touch with Richard K, the owner of Polly (aka Chase). We met at an animal clinic this past Saturday to verify the “identity” of the bird and Polly is now back with her family.

To Stacey, Carin, Karen and Carla, I would like to thank you for everything you do every day on avolunteer basis and for all out there who are missing birds – i say keep up and dont give up because Miracle Do Happen!

Warm Regards,
Marina & Daniel

Contact Bird Owner

Email: joncorent