• Species: Cockatiel - Pearl (See species list for details)
  • Location: Kansas City, Missouri, United States 64111
  • Date Lost: April 25, 2012
  • Banded: Yes

My bird was found! I posted an ad on here and forgot my login info but wanted to share my story so you can remove my post! We lost my cockatiel, Chewy, on 4/25 and someone found her on Friday (5/4) and we were reunited today! He said his friend was outside walking (they have a garden & feed the wild birds) and she felt something peck her foot so she looked down and noticed that this bird was tame and nice. So they caught her and took her inside and got her a cage and food and while they were buying stuff for her they saw my flyer at the pet store and called us later. I’m so glad she is back! She looks happy and healthy. No problems with mites that I can tell, and her feathers are still soft and fluffy. She only has one pulled out tail feather and is a tiny bit skinnier, and she smells kind of dusty and dirty, but with a good bath and feeding she will be fine! Dillon was so happy when he got his girlfriend back. I’d like to thank you for having this site as another place to post and to thank anyone who helped to look for her. Make sure no one ever gives up! I had almost thought she’d be dead by now since it has been pouring rain here, and that she’d be off in some other state, but she was found only a little over a mile from where we lost her and in good condition. I will pray for the same happy ending to happen with everyone else with a lost birdie! Even if your bird isn’t usually sociable to humans, it will probably go to someone when it gets hungry enough or misses you. That’s what happened with Chewy! Never lose hope!!!! 🙂


Please help! My baby is missing! Her name is Chewy, she is a yellow/grey lutino/pied cockatiel, about 3-4 years old, and she has a purple-ish ankle band. She flew outside from our store, Community Thrift (8011 Wornall rd) in Waldo on the evening of 4/25 and now we can’t find her!!! 🙁 If you see her you may attempt to catch her by any means. Any help is appreciated! She might come to you whistling/calling her name or if you offer her any food/treats. (She might come to you for some potato chips!) If you see her or have any information please come by the store (if in the area) or call us (816)-444-4800. Or text (816)-482-7438 or email me: We will gladly offer some kind of reward for anyone who can get her back to us, but please look for her regardless! THANK YOU! 🙂

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