returned to owner by Lethbridge police after bird found in Coaldale and police contacted
My daughter’s house was invaded July 15 between 1:00 and 3:30 in North Lethbridge. The thieves stole their 12 year old White Fronted Amazon Parrot, Charlie( band # on right foot), leaving feather’s strewn around their house. They took a handful of his food and took him out in a small dog kennel. My daughter and family are distraught as they’ve had him since he was a few months old and he is part of their family. If this bird is taken to your centre or if you hear anything about please contact me at 250-xxx-xxxx, this email or call her, Dawne, at 403-xxx-xxxx to advise her. Charlie has a history of biting people when upset and there is a risk that he has done this with the thieves and may be abused/killed as a result. If the bird is injured or dies please tell me first as she is very upset and may need my support to manage this information. Thank you for your time


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