• Species: Amazon - Blue Fronted (See species list for details)
  • Location: Fountain Valley, California, United States 92708
  • Date Lost: February 21, 2011
  • Contact Person: Adriana Morrison
  • Phone Number: 714-222-8289 cell, 714-623-2540 Day time, 714-892-8289

Country: USA,
Fountain Valley, CA. 92708.
My parrot is a blue fronted amazon. Emerald green with yellow on tips of the
wings. Blue on his head above his beak and the top of his head is light yellow.
His name is Rufus. The location he was lost (or perhaps stolen) was at the
corner of El monte and ward street .Slater is the cross street. He is 28 years
old. He was banded but removed by vet 3 yrs ago. His most commen saying is “Hi
‘Ruf” and Hi , sometimes he says I love you. He has always been a little
underweight and has a vitamin A defficiency.
My name is Adriana Morrison 714-222-8289 cell, 714-623-2540 Day time,
Thank you for help.

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