He is a green pallid quaker parrot, so he is more of a neon green/yellowish quaker parrot. He is smaller than most quakers, only about 60g. He just grew in his flight feathers which are blue underneath his wings. He has some yellow/brown colored blotches over his back feathers and has cream/white belly and forehead feathers. He says a few words and phrases in English and is friendly with humans but doesn’t follow the step-up command, so it’s easier just to pick him up using your hand over his back and he will just sit in your palm belly-up. He has a silver leg band that starts with ‘LMF LA’ (owner will supply complete band information) Please contact (832)468-5304 if you have any information or for any possible sightings of a (pallid) green quaker parrot. He was last seen in Greater Inwood area of Northwest Houston, but may have travelled to other areas in the greater Houston area. There is a reward if found.

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