• Species: African Grey - Congo (See species list for details)
  • Location: Santa Ana, California, United States 92701
  • Date Lost: July 28, 2016
  • Banded: No
  • Microchipped: No

Paco is grey and has a red tail. He whistles and speaks very loudly and sometimes frequently. I have had him since he was a baby. He got startled and flew away when I had him on my shoulder near the balcony. He responds to his name by whistling in response. Paco says his name, hello, he says come here, he laughs, he sings and dances to if sang while clapping a rhythm a christian song that goes “a la barrea, la barrea”, and he sneezes then says salud (bless you in spanish). For the most part, he understands Spanish the best. But, Paco does speak both English and Spanish. People in my neighborhood have caught a sight of Paco pearching on trees all alone and whistling. If seen flying, his red tail cannot be missed. If seen, call his name and sing while tapping on your extended arm drapped with a towel for him to land on. Eventually, Paco may get tired and hungry so he will land on the ground. When he does, a towel can be thrown over him to catch him. He loves his seeds and peanuts. If he is seen or if you hear whistling, please contact me. Keep an ear open because he is ALWAYS whistling.

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