• Species: Conure - Sun (See species list for details)
  • Location: Taunton, Massachusetts, United States 02780
  • Date Lost: November 15, 2023
  • Banded: Yes
  • Microchipped: No

He’s about 5-6 years old. He’s terrified to fly down from heights. He responds to “Remy”, “Remy Rem”, “Rem”, or pretty much any lovey nickname (like baby, sweetpea, lovey, etc). He loves bland cereals like rice crispies or Cheerios, he eats the green bag of Lafeber’s Nutri-Berries seed (mango, papaya, and pineapple blend). Likes gentle music, like from a snow globe or a music box. Sways to music, like he’s dancing. He peeps and chirps and squawks a lot, but he has been pretty silent throughout this whole time he’s been out. He has a home and a family that love him and miss him so much. He’s got a mostly yellow body, with orangey red feathers on his stomach. His wings are yellow, green, and blue as well as his tail. He’s got rosy red cheeks, like he’s sunburnt or blushing.

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