• Species: Lovebird - Dutch Blue (See species list for details)
  • Location: Vancouver, Washington, United States 98661
  • Date Lost: June 14, 2021
  • Banded: No
  • Microchipped: No

Gunner is a 1-year-old male. I was told he is a mutated white-faced love bird; however, he looks like the blue dutch but is primarily green and yellow, and his tail is very Tourquoise. I have had him for almost a year. We are very bonded. He comes to me, sits in my hands, on my shoulder, and likes to cuddle under my neck, fearless and friendly. He doesn’t like it when it gets dark; he comes to Gunner, pretty bird, come here, pretty pretty pretty, do the hummingbird, whos a good boy, he also says “pretty boy and pretty pretty pretty very fast. He also has a very vibrant Turquoise tail, he is mostly green and yellow, and his face is a pale yellow.
He was put in the backyard without my knowledge by my roommate, and I had no idea how long he was gone before he told me. I searched everywhere, I called Parrot Perch, posted on Nextdoor, Facebook, knocked on doors, and posted flyers. I had a lot of leads none were good until yesterday. Less than 1/8 of a mile from me where he got away, a lady (Donna) called and said Gunner had been coming to her backyard eating now for over 2 weeks between 8-10 AM and then again later in the day. I went over there immediately around 10 AM, and after about 1 1/2 hours, I saw him. It was definitely him, no doubt at all. I called out to him, and the other birds he was with (Starlings) flew away, so he did. I stayed there until 6 PM and saw him numerous times. He would not come to me or recognize me or my voice. I searched the area as well, calling out. I could hear him at times, but no progress. I have been devastated and looking now for over 3 months. I went back there my morning at 6 AM and was there till now at 5:30ish. I brought his food bowls, his bell, his millet and waited. He never came back. Donna, the gal whose home he has been at, said he always has been there like clockwork for over the last 2 weeks. Her husband has seen him and her nephew too. So I will go back tomorrow but I don’t think he will come to me. All this has genuinely broken me. My roommate is no longer here, and neither is my beloved Gun. I really need help getting him home. I don’t know how, I thought as soon as he heard me, he would come, but he didn’t. I am moving to Bend, Oregon, in 3 weeks so I am on a time frame. Please, please help me get my baby Gunner back. He is so special to me. I have not been the same since I lost him. I knew I would get him back in my heart, though I just felt it, even though everyone told me to give it up. I need to get him out of the elements and away from the crows, too, and he will not survive when it gets too colder. I wish I had been told about you months ago. Please call me anytime; it doesn’t matter, 361.360.1960. I have a spam blocker on my phone, so if you don’t get through, please email me!!! I go by Elle. I really appreciate any help you can provide. Any help would be great now that I know where he is.

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