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    My baby was recently returned to me after his 3 day journey across town, but unfortunately the young man that found him did not call me right away or take him to a vet for an examination. I was contacted after he had passed away in the young man’s home. This is just a reminder to those that find these domesticated birds, they should be examined by a vet immediately. Often a bird can disguise illness or appear fine to someone unfamiliar with them and then quickly take a turn for the worse. It may be tempting to keep a loveable, tame bird when you find one, but often they are attached to their owners and are accustomed to the care (schedule, food, surroundings, etc.) that their family has provided for them. If the bird is banded or micro-chipped, please contact the owner right away if you are able to locate a listing online that possibly matches. The owner is likely willing to bear the expense of the vet visit if you are unprepared to do so. Some vets may be willing to check databases for matches to the band or micro-chip at no charge to you.

    I took my baby to his Dr. today for an examination (in lieu of a full necropsy) and the Dr. was able to surmise that he was severely dehydrated and likely had not eaten in some time (his crop was completely empty and he had dropped 20+ grams of weight). The young man that found him stated he offered him food and water, and of course, he had access to water in the metro park, but as the Dr. explained… domesticated birds often will look for what they are accustomed to and not drink from water in a stream or river, and may choose not to eat food offered to them no matter how hungry they are if it is not what they are accustomed to eating. I am thankful to have my baby back with me and to have some closure, but I would give anything to have had the chance to get him back before he passed away.

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