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    I found an African Grey parrot outside in some trees in Shenzhen, China almost a year ago. It has a leg band, which apparently they do not do in China. And she (I think it’s a she) said “hello” in English. I assume she was brought in by a foreign family and either escaped or was abandoned (common pet problem here). A search in the neighborhood and on expat forums has yielded no results in finding her original owners. After almost a year the bird is part of our family and we really want to keep her. Now we are in a position where we want to move out of China. But we have no paperwork on the bird, no CITES certificate. China will not issue any such certificate for a parrot, as they only consider dogs and cats as pets. So far all communication with local agencies has had the same result: turn over the bird to wildlife authorities. We are very reluctant to do this in a country that is not famed for its animal rights, and not native to African Grey parrots. Any suggestions anybody has to either get her out, or re-home her to a good home in China are welcome! We are moving to Thailand, still within Asia, if that helps in the suggestions.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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