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    Oh boy. Finding our African Grey, Chili Pep, was akin in my mind to searching for a needle in a haystack. This is in an area filled with Oaks, Elms, Maples, and the occasional 75-ft pine — along with all the Northeast US wild birds that C-Pep mimics, including turkey buzzards, *hawks*, and gangster crows.

    Donna from 911 Parrot Alert immediately reached out to me in the first 4 hours after Chili flew off. We didn’t have much time for doubt, and the suggestions that she provided absolutely worked.

    Among those suggestions, we circled an 8-block radius for 3 days, from 4a to 8p, calling out for Chili with all the familiar sounds that she taught *us* and bringing along auditory reminders from home — like our dogs and her other bird buds — as well as visual reminders like the red peanut bin. To Donna’s point, our voices at the very least would comfort her.

    I have no doubt that they did. Each day, she was able to gain the confidence to navigate to a lower tree to a lower spot, with us in sight finally — beyond auditory. AND, this smart girl outmaneuvered two hawks flanking her shortly before we were able to bring her down, with the help of incredibly generous and kind neighbors.

    Having said that, canvassing the neighborhood was just as important and enabled our neighbors and the kids to assist — essentially her extended flock — and help C-Pep find home. I cannot say enough about the willingness of neighbors to help out.

    Do not give up. Give it your all — and beyond what you think your all particularly in the first days. Your bud is trying to find you, too. Think like your bud.

    Thank You, Donna!


    Did you found him in the direction he flew away?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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