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    Leonardo was lost June 28, 2013 and we just got him home Oct. 10. We live in the Old Irving Park neighborhood, and the lady who had him lived 8 blocks north of us. She never saw this website, but saw one of my old flyers in the neighborhood after having him for over 2 months. He came to her the end of July, so he was out in the city for a little over a month. She said he was very skinny…he landed on her cockatiels’ cage that she had out on her deck. He had apparently broken his leg at some point, but it is now almost completely healed, per the vet yesterday. Her birds he was housed with were not tame or handled, and this combined with his time on his own has changed his personality a bit, but the vet thinks he can get back to his snuggly self with some effort. We are so happy!


    Crazy! Thanks for sharing your story, it motivated me to get out my posters sooner. What kind of bird did you have? Did the lady have the same species?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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